International Scientific Journals:

Arapostathis S. G. (2019) Utilizing twitter for disaster management of fire events: steps towards efficient automation. Upon publication, Arabian Journal of Geosciences, Springer, On-Line ISSN:1866-7538

Arapostathis S, Parcharidis I, Stefanakis E, Drakatos G, Kalogeras I (2016) A method for creating seismic intensity maps from twitter data. Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture, David Publishing, DOI:10.17265/1934-7359/2016.07.013

Greek scientific journals:

Arapostathis (2019) International Summer School of Russian Geographical Society, St. Petroupolis, Russia, August 2018. Journal Geographies, 33, ISSN:1109-186X, Summer 2019 (Available in Greek)

Arapostathis (2018) The social media network twitter as a source of volunteered geographic information for extracting mapping information and developing seismic intensity maps (2018) Publication of PhD dissertation, Journal Geographies 32:114-118, ISSN: 1109-186X, Winter 2018 (Available in Greek)

Chapters of Springer books based on international conference presentations (indicatively):

Arapostathis S.G., Karantzia M. (2019) Mapping Information of Fire Events, from VGI Source (Twitter), for Effective Disaster Management (in Greece); The Fire of North-East Attica, August 2017, (Greece) Case Study. In: El-Askary H., Lee S., Heggy E., Pradhan B. (eds) Advances in Remote Sensing and Geo Informatics Applications. Advances in Science, Technology & Innovation (IEREK Interdisciplinary Series for Sustainable Development). Springer, Cham

International Conferences (indicatively):

Stathis G. Arapostathis. (2019). Instagrammers report about the deadly wildfires of East Attica, 2018, Greece: An introductory analytic assessment for disaster management purposes. In Z. Franco, J. J. González, & J. H. Canós (Eds.), Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response And Management (pp. 473–481). Valencia, Spain: Iscram.

Arapostathis E, Gkadolou E, Stefanakis E, Kritikos G (2011) Studying the history of the battleship of Georgios Averof: A projection in space and time. Poster presentation in Joint ICA Symposium, University of Orleans, 30 of June- 1 of July 2011

Pan-Hellenic Conferences (indicatively):

Arapostathis S.G. (2018) A semi-automated method, using R-programming language, for developing seismic intensity maps from twitter data. In Proceedings of the 15th National Cartographic Conference, Cartographic and Scientific Society of Greece, 31 of October – 2 of November 2018, Salonika, Greece (available in Greek upon request)