International Scientific Journals:

Arapostathis S. G. (2019) Utilizing twitter for disaster management of fire events: steps towards efficient automation. Upon publication, Arabian Journal of Geosciences, Springer, On-Line ISSN:1866-7538

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Greek or other national-level scientific journals:

Arapostathis (2019) International Summer School of Russian Geographical Society, St. Petroupolis, Russia, August 2018. Journal Geographies, 33, ISSN:1109-186X, Summer 2019 (Available in Greek)

Arapostathis (2018) The social media network twitter as a source of volunteered geographic information for extracting mapping information and developing seismic intensity maps (2018) Publication of PhD dissertation, Journal Geographies 32:114-118, ISSN: 1109-186X, Winter 2018 (Available in Greek)

International Conferences (indicatively):

Stathis G. Arapostathis. (2019). Instagrammers report about the deadly wildfires of East Attica, 2018, Greece: An introductory analytic assessment for disaster management purposes. In Z. Franco, J. J. González, & J. H. Canós (Eds.), Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response And Management (pp. 473–481). Valencia, Spain: Iscram.

Arapostathis S.G., Karantzia M. (2019) Mapping Information of Fire Events, from VGI Source (Twitter), for Effective Disaster Management (in Greece); The Fire of North-East Attica, August 2017, (Greece) Case Study. In: El-Askary H., Lee S., Heggy E., Pradhan B. (eds) Advances in Remote Sensing and Geo Informatics Applications. Advances in Science, Technology & Innovation (IEREK Interdisciplinary Series for Sustainable Development). Springer, Cham

Arapostathis E, Gkadolou E, Stefanakis E, Kritikos G (2011) Studying the history of the battleship of Georgios Averof: A projection in space and time. Poster presentation in Joint ICA Symposium, University of Orleans, 30 of June- 1 of July 2011

Pan-Hellenic Conferences (indicatively):

Arapostathis S.G. (2018) A semi-automated method, using R-programming language, for developing seismic intensity maps from twitter data. In Proceedings of the 15th National Cartographic Conference, Cartographic and Scientific Society of Greece, 31 of October – 2 of November 2018, Salonica, Greece (available in Greek upon request)

Arapostathis E. (2010) A web-tool for visualizing geographic data for the National Archaeological Museum of Athens (available in Greek only). In Proceedings of the 6th Pan-Hellenic Congress Hellas GIs, 2nd of December 2010, Athens

Arapostathis S. (2010) Models for analyzing the touristic distribution of the Greek Museums. (available in Greek only) In Proceedings of the 9th Pan-Hellenic Geographical Congress, 4-6 of November 2010, Athens